Can I reserve an “Ultra VIP Skybox”

You sure can, but it’s limited to only 8 skyboxes (these are the opera boxes from days of the distant past) overlooking the dance floor and a few main floor booths. Skyboxes afford you the best seats in the house to watch the show, dance in your booth, or rest your feet and chill out from dancing all night. The skyboxes typically host 8-15 guests (8-10 seated), but seriously, if you are sitting you are not at the right party! You can invite your entourage to stop by and party at “your place”.

Interested? Contact us at / The Social Connection offices at 248-543-1000 to reserve a table or private box – There are 2 options:

#1 – Reserve your skybox for $750 (reserve early, prices go up!) in addition to your tickets. This includes 2-3 bottles of Korbel Champagne. VIP tickets purchased separately. This is a great option if you have less than 10 guests or you want all of your “booth buddies) to purchase their tickets separately so you don’t have to front their tickets on your credit card.

#2 – The complete VIP package with skybox and 10 VIP All-Access tickets start at $1500 if you buy early. Skyboxes will sell at $1,750 and $1,950.

Call 248.543.1000 or email us at

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