With 2 Ballrooms there are tons of options for VIP Booths!
Crystal Ballroom (VIP Only)
The Crystal Ballroom offers main floor on or by the dance floor for groups of 6 (1 couch) or 10 (2 couches) and booths for 6 (1 couch) on the Mezzanine overlooking the dance floor.   Booths with 1 couch can typically host 4-6 people (3-4 seated) and 2 couch booths can host 8-12 (6-8 seated).

The Fountain Ballroom (VIP – Party Pass – Late Nite GA)
The huge iconic oval-shaped Fountain Ballroom boasts of a promenade level surrounding the room and great sight lines to watch the show! Because the Fountain Ballroom is open to all ticket holders, booths (couches) are sold separately from tickets so you can secure your “real estate” and purchase the ticket type that best fits your needs. In addition, this allows the individuals in your group to choose the ticket type they want so some can come early and others can arrive late.  Those that party a little less can get the GA ticket with a cash bar feature.

Your booth is basically your “real estate” for the night, so if you are all sitting, you are not at the right party!  Depending on your location and space you can invite some of your entourage to stop by and party at “your place”. Keep in mind that VIP tickets are required in the Crystal Ballroom.

Some booths are available for purchase on the ticketing page.
Email: resolutionballdetroit@gmail.com
Call or Text:  248-543-1000